You’re Snug With Me (reprinting)

Koprivnica £11.99

You’re Snug with Me

By author: Chitra Soundar

Illustrated by: Poonam Mistry

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As winter approaches, a polar bear snuggles inside the den she has made in the snowdrifts of the frozen north and waits for her cubs to be born. When they arrive they are curious about the world beyond their cosy home. As they learn about the secrets of the world Mama Bear constantly reassures them “You’re Snug with Me”.

You’re Snug With Me combines delicate, poetic language with intricate, illustration to create a visually stunning book. Inspired by traditional Indian art techniques, the mandala style illustrations create an almost hypnotic effect, beautifully evoking the atmosphere of the frozen north. Wider themes of the wondrousness of nature and the importance that we protect it are subtly referenced throughout, making this a multi-layered read. The delicate synergy between the poetic prose and the wondrous illustration create a gentle, soothing message of love.


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