You’re Called What?!


You’re Called What?

By author: Kes Gray
Illustrated by: Nikki Dyson

Shortlisted for the IBW 2019 Book Awards (Picture Books)


In the Ministry of Silly Animal Names there is a very long queue of strange creatures — what could possibly be the problem? Why do they all end up laughing so much? And what ever does a Tasselled Wobbegong look like?
This hilarious story by bestselling author Kes Gray and with brilliant illustrations by rising star Nikki Dyson stars a whole range of real animals with amazing and unbelievable names .. . “You’re called what?!”

The Ice Cream Cone Worm, Monkeyface Prickleback and Pink Fairy Armadillo all feature.

Bebington Look Inside!

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Dimensions 26.0 × .4 × 25.9 mm


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