The Unschooled Life

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The Unschooled Life: One Family’s Home Education Adventure by Lizi Gambell

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A must-read new book for everyone considering home
education or curious about unschooling.

Personal storytelling with advice and guidance for any parent on a home education journey.
In this book Lizi Gambell shares the ups and downs of home education and the wonder to be found by learning alongside your children.
The Unschooled Life includes chapters on:
• Developing your Education Philosophy
• Juggling a family and work with selfcare and wellbeing
• Coping with the questions and criticisms of others
• Tackling screen time and the lure of new technologies
Using anecdotes from her own life, Lizi shows how a real family can develop a holistic approach to education and parenting, and live happily outside the box!

Lizi Gambell is a home-educating mum of two boys in Kent, and this book tells her personal story – the twists and turns of life that led her family to unschooling – with advice and guidance for others who are curious about home education or unschooling. Home Education is growing by 20% year in the UK as more families are being failed by the school system. So many parents are desperate for guidance and support. Written in a personal, engaging tone, buy Pregabalin online uk The Unschooled Life covers questions of balance, discipline and wellbeing as well as 21st century problems including screens, gaming, and freelance careers.


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