The Iron Man (ill Chris Mould)


Iron Man

By author: Ted Hughes

Illustrated by: Chris Mould


Ted Hughes’s fable about the iron man who comes from where nobody knows and was made how, nobody knows is given fresh life in this illustrated re-imagining. The iron man wreaks havoc on a community as ploughs, tractors, harrows are all consumed by him. A boy, Hogarth, creates a trap for the giant. Timely comments upon the short-sighted nature of disposable culture and its impact upon our environment together with attitudes towards outsiders provide plenty to ponder over.

Chris Mould’s illustrations add new dimensions to Ted Hughes story of the devastation wreaked by an iron man. Spread across carefully structured panels, the graphic novel style illustrations help make the story accessible to new audiences and capture the awe-inspiring nature of this timeless tale. Hand-lettering vividly brings sounds to life and there is accomplished used of positioning and scale that ensures this tale of epic proportions is made even more epic through its clever use of scale and perspective.


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