Tales from the Inner City

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Tales from the Inner City

Shaun Tan

A picture book for older readers


Parallels, oppositions and explorations allow the relationship between the human and animal world to be played out naturally, almost like a conversation, through painting, prose and poetry. A range of emotions are enacted with humour, poignancy and surrealism. The curious, imaginative interplay between the written word and illustration offers a new way of seeing our world and the impact we have upon this. At times that is achieved with subtlety and at others with startling impact and strangeness.

Each story begins with the silhouette of a creature before they are illuminated in full colour, breathing light and wonder to the spectacle of the world around us. The wonder of the natural world is often placed in stark contrast with the formal lines and constructs of brutalist urban landscape provoking thought into human behaviours and activity. A powerful journey that showcases the remarkable capacity stories hold, whether verbal or visual, to alter our understanding and provoke compassion.


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