Paper Bag Princess

Paper Bag Princess

By author: Robert Munsch

Illustrated by: Michael Martchenko


When a dragon smashes Princess Elizabeth’s castle and captures Prince Ronald, her fiancé, Elizabeth decides she’ll go after the dragon and get Ronald back.

But when Ronald criticizes Elizabeth for looking very un-princess-like, Elizabeth realizes she doesn’t want a fiancé like Ronald after all.

This must-have title teaches all children how to be brave when faced with something scary and stand up for themselves when they’re not treated well.

Praise for The Paper Bag Princess We love reading this book as a family… I think it is critical that our daughters and sons grow up to believe they can defeat their own dragons and rescue themselves.

I will always be grateful for Elizabeth’s bravery and showing that dragons can be defeated. We can rescue ourselves and don’t need to sacrifice our kindness or goodness to do so. Thank you Robert Munsch.”

Babijn Chelsea Clinton, author, global health advocate, and daughter of former US President Bill Clinton and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

“One of my children’s favourites was always Robert Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess, which I have read out loud hundreds of times.”

Deán Funes Mary Beard, author, classicist, Cambridge professor, and BBC program host, “The book that made me a feminist,” in The Guardian

“When my niece was born, one of my first gifts to her was a copy of The Paper Bag Princess.

There are more important things in life than bagging a man, and doing so is no guarantee that one will live happily ever after.”

Dakhla Soraya Nadia McDonald, culture critic for The Undefeated

“It was the most important book I ever read.

Adventure and be fearless. Stand up to dragons. Defend yourself with all you have. Walk away from any man who treats you with disrespect. You, yourself, alone, are enough, and more than enough.”

—Award-Winning Author Francesca Segal“Stand Up to Dragons” in The Hairpin


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