12 Month Book Subscription

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Choose a Book Subscription that will last a whole year!

Starting when you choose (this is approximate, as books are always sent out at the beginning of the month), we will send a child a book every month. They will receive a total of 12 books.

At least twice during the 12-month term, we will send out a package of goodies – this will generally include bookmarks, activity sheets, a cloth bag and other book related goodies, based on the age range of the child.
We do not charge extra for this service.

Subscriptions are based on a cost of £6.99 per book. If books in the interest level are generally less than this, we may send an extra book at the end of the subscription term. (This will depend on the total spend during the subscription term – if the total RRP of the books sent is £79.88 or more, no extra books will be sent)

A greeting card will be sent to the recipient to inform them of their subscription. If you wish the card to be sent to you instead (so that  you can give it to them themselves), please state this on the form.

Please complete this Google form to tell us about the recipient, so we can choose their perfect books.

All books will be newly published in paperback (or board book if you choose for babies or toddlers) in the month they are sent. We cannot guarantee that the recipient has not already bought that book in its hardback edition.

If the recipient is unhappy with the reading or difficulty level of the books, or would prefer a different kind of book or subject, please let us know so that we can adjust future mailings. You can contact us by email on enquiries@nickelbooks.co.uk



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